10 Best Small Dog Beds

Top Ten Best Small Dog Beds

There’s nothing a small dog loves to do after a hard day of snuggles and being adorable, than get comfy in a soft spot of their own. From an old but beloved pillow sitting in a sunbeam to temperature regulating memory foam, small dog beds are as diverse as the small breed dogs who lie in them. As usual, I’ve talked to friends and family, my groomer and vet, and even heard from you, the reader, about your favorite dog beds and this is what I’ve found.

#1 American Kennel Club Suede Cuddler

What kind of dog do you have? Is it a Yorkie? Maybe a French Bulldog? How about a regal Corgi? Did you know that before 1877 that question was meaningless? That’s right the American Kennel Club standardized all of the small dog breeds that you know and love! Every time I tell people I have a Bichon Frisé instead of a small white puffy dog I thank the American Kennel Club.

What does all that have to do with small dog beds you ask? Well, I can say that when the American Kennel Club tells you that this dog bed for dogs of any size is a Suede Cuddler, they mean its a thoroughbred prize suede cuddler going back four generations on each side.

#2 Best Friends by Sheri

The Best Friends line of small dog beds by Sheri, is sure the be loved by all types of small dog breeds.

Much like the classic question ‘If a dog wore pants how would he wear them?’

(Its the one on the right). Much thought should also be put into how would a dog go to bed. I think that for that purpose the best friends line of Small Dog beds by Sheri has nailed a dog bed. Shaped perfectly for that tight sleeping curl with a dip for your small dog’s head to peak out. Best of all is the blanket which, attached to the side and suspended a bit is very easy for your dog to crawl under.

The Best Friends by Sheri line of small dog beds also comes in a second colour and that’s the one that my Bichon Frisé, Jasmine, calls her very own doggie bed. She is very conceited and likes when things look like her. See if you can spot why she would like this bed so much.

#3 Furhaven Gel Foam Quilted Dog Couch

Every person and every small dog has their own lifestyle, and its not okay to judge someone else’s lifestyle. That being said, if you’re the type of small dog who sleeps on the sofa, you need to take a long hard look at your life. You’re 21 in dog years now, don’t you think it’s time to stop small dog couch surfing and get yourself your very own small dog bed.\

No I don’t want to hear that this small dog bed, shaped like a couch is really made with premium gel foam the regulates your temperature and adjusts to your posture. No I don’t want to hear that this small dog couch is absolutely adorable. I want you to get a good job like your sister and get off of the couch and into a small dog bed of your very own.

#4 ASPCA Microtech Small Dog Bed


Look, let’s be honest, for the most part a small dog bed is a small dog bed. I try and highlight the fun, funky and functional small dog supplies and products that I find, but most small dog beds will be cute fuzzy warm baskets. So if you’re going for a cute fuzzy and warm basket, it would be difficult to beat the dog beds released by the ASPCA.

Your small dog buddy wil have a beautiful bed to rest easy in, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re protecting your small dog buddy, and all of his fury brethren.

#5 Albert Deluxe Double Bolster Small Dog Bed

Some small dogs, especially small dogs with hip problems like my parent’s Morkie, don’t enjoy cushions or padded surfaces. The Albert Deluxe Double Bolster Small Dog bed is perfect for dogs like her. The padding on the bottom is very thin, giving the feel of a blanket more than a traditional small dog bed. This is definitely the Momma bear solution, if your small dog is more of a Goldilocks they might prefer another small dog bed, but if you’re looking for something just right then maybe the Albert Deluxe Double Bolster Small Dog Bed is for you.


What’s a Momma Bear without a Poppa Bear? The YUHUAWYH Dog Bed, (and that is the last time I’ll be typing that out) is an overstuffed burrito of a small dog bed, bursting with fluffiness. This small dog bed is probably not for every dog, but if your small dog searches for your most overstuffed pillow and sinks contetedly into it leaving only a tiny smiling snout peaking over the edge and the soft thump of a little tail from somewhere deep within the fluff, then this small dog might very well be for you and your dog.

#7 Betsy Comfy Couch Orthopedic Dog Sofa

Okay look, I know I came down hard on this new millenial small dog lifestyle of the dig economy and small dog couch surfing. Its not that I want to nag you small dogs, I’m just worried about you. What ever happened to the traditional small dog bed?
Just because this small dog bed from Betsy has a stylish “Mod” pattern and is orthopedic which might be good for your small dog muscles and skeleton. Why needs a skeleton anyways? trust me one day you’ll thank me for talking you out of this fun, and funky small dog couch and into a more traditional small dog bed, like your father and mother slept in.

#8 Big Joe Smart Max Pet Bed

Okay, you know what? This small dog bed is clearly just a beanbag chair. Just because you and your small dog friends went off to obedience school doesn’t mean you can just go sleeping in your hippy bean bag chairs. They taught you to speak, not speak back.

These overstuffed, plump and furry menaces to society are more ultra luxurious cushion than small dog bed, and that way leads to anarchy my friend, anarchy. With a name like Big Joe Max, you’d think this monstrosity was only for the large breed dog lovers among us, but no Big Joe makes a dog bed that’s the perfect size for small-breed dogs too, because the rules don’t mean anything anymore. It’s also available in pink.

#9 Aspen Pet Oval

There’s something regal, something noble about the humble oval. Its not pretending, the oval isn’t trying to be something it’s not its a slightly squished circle and that’s enough. Small dog beds have been cushioned, cozy ovals for decades it was good enough for our grandparents Small dogs and its good enough for ours.

The Aspen Pet Oval even has a bone on it, the traditional shape that signals this is for a small dog. I submit to you my friend that the Aspen Pet Oval is the quintessence of a small dog bed and there is something beautiful in that, we at small dog lovers honour it.

Best in Show


#10 Your Bed

Don’t worry, we didn’t try to get an image of your bed

Your bed, yes yours. The one you sleep in at night, maybe the one you are in right now. If you don’t have a small dog making your bed into its very own small dog bed then you are missing out. Your small dog likes to do everything with you. He or she is your shadow from morning til night, (unless it’s nap time) why should that stop after the sun sets? Your small dog will love the snuggle, you get a soft and furry heater to.plus it comes with all the puppy kisses you could want and definitely more, no like seriously more than you want. In fact according to Alberta Health Services sharing your bed with your dog may help to relieve chronic pain and anxiety.

Of course everyone has their preferences and many people prefer to have their small dog sleeping comfortably in a small dog bed nearby, than making their own personal sleeping space into the top rated small dog bed. For this reviewer and his small dog there’s nothing like it and that’s why your bed, or my bed, or the bed of small dog lovers everywhere is the best in show small dog bed.


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