12 Best Luxury Dog Beds For Small Dogs

Luxury Small Dog Beds

These dog beds are a lot different then your typical Walmart pet bed. They have there own unique style, colors and decorations. Some luxury dog beds look better then my own bed! Most people when asked why they decide to go with a luxury pet bed, they say it is easier to match to the room. No matter what room of the house you want your doggie friend to sleep in, you will find a pet bed to match the room and set it off.

1. Luxury Corner Bolster Dog Bed

This corner luxury small dog bed is perfect for fitting into any household room. This dog bed also has 14 color options to choose from and comes with memory foam bedding. This is made with a micro suede fabric, which adds a touch of elegance to your dog’s bed. This dog bed also has over 40 reviews with 4.5 stars, always check and see reviews and comments before buying.


2. Luxury Square Nest Dog Bed

This rectangle shaped dog bed comes in 9 different color styles to choose from so matching it your existing furniture should not be a problem. This dog bed comes from wayfair and has great reviews. With a zipper to remove the external cover for washing it is ideal. It is totally washer safe so cleaning it should not be a big deal. Weights between 6 – 12 lbs depending on the size you order.


3. Sheffield Dog Bed

This bed weighs just under 30lbs and is high end! Your dog will be sleeping better then you… but whose dog doesn’t.  The grey wood finish really sets it off so it can go great with certain bed sets and living room couches. Good for up to medium size dogs weighing 50lbs or less.



4. Chowdury Sleigh Dog Bed

The Sleigh dog bed comes in 3 colors camel, purple and olive. It holds small to large dogs and is a great accent to a entry way or den. A friend of mine has one that he tested for a few weeks and the dogs loved it. He had his in the entry way to his home so that when he came back from walks the dogs would stand on the dog bed so he could dry them off or wipe them down. It worked well and both the dog and owner seem pleased.

5. Lula Entryway Dog Bed

After testing the Chowdury Sleigh Dog Bed for a few weeks I switched it out with the Lula Entryway Dog Bed. My friend had a lot more pros with this type of dog bed in the entryway. Mainly because it was better designed for the dog and human features of it. Allowing you to hang up your keys, coat and leash as well as take care of your dog. Only con is that it costs a little more but you do get more features and storage with a nice pull out drawer.


6. Portable Hooded Dog Bed

This portable hooded dog bed is perfect for anyone who needs a dog bed they can take with them. When visiting family, friends or a weekend camping trip this dog bed is perfect. It gives your dog a safety area that they are familiar with and it can be set up and broken down in seconds which is very convenient. The design pattern is stylish with paw prints and removable roof, padded insides and sides for extra comfort.

7. Olmstead Banana Nest Dog Bed

This is a really fun and different type of dog bed, its a banana! Great for any kids bed room and there are also other fruit choices to choose from. The banana nest dog bed is also pretty light for a dog bed weighing only 3 lbs.




8. Colosseum Dog Bed

The Colosseum dog bed is very warm and comfy for your dog. It keeps them up high off the cold winter floors it is extra soft and navy in color.  Stylish design will match any home decor, with the ability to wash it in your washer you can keep it clean much easier because you know in the summer how messy it can be especially in the spring time with muddy paws.


9. Deluxe Ortho Sleeper Bolster Dog Bed

This is the Deluxe Ortho Sleeper Bolster Dog Bed I decided to include this in the list even tho its for small to larger dogs because it is quite popular in the dog community. This bed is made by K & H Manufacturing and comes in 2 different color choices of green shown in the picture and a egg plant purple which is really nice as well. This bed is easy to clean and vacuum with a removable cover making it machine washable.


10. Craig Solid Wood Dog Bed

wooden dog bed

This is a beautiful wooden dog bed with a cut out of a dog bone in the head board. Created by Tucker Murphy Pet it has a brilliant wood texture and is great for any cottage or cabin. I seen this over at wayfair and thought it looked pretty sharp. Its also elevated so your dog is not on the ground 🙂


11. Johnson Pet Teepee Dog Bed

tp dog bed

This is a really cute and funny one its a Teepee! This is great for any dogs that like to hang out and play with the kids all day. I think it would be great for a play room theme. It has a covered bottom so that it does not scratch the hardwood floors or get stuck on the carpet. Very easy to put together since it all folds out with 5 stars in reviews online I thought it was neat.


12. Mickey Bolster Dog Bed

mickey mouse dog bed

This is a mini mouse style dog bed for a little dog diva! Believe it or not this actually comes in 3 different color choices of pink, red and yellow. It also comes with a small pillow and is made of stronger material to last longer. I think this would be good for any girls room who is young. Most girls are into Disney so Im sure they would love it as well as the dog!


Which Dog Bed Is For Me?!

This is the hard part, not only do you need to find a dog bed that is suitable for your dog but it must also fall with in your budget. Most dogs will naturally sleep in their new bed since they shaped to provide a safe zone for your dog. You can also train your dog to sleep in his new bed or a certain spot of the house. If interested in dog training there are some awesome articles to help your dog evolve and grow!

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