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All About Small Dog Playpens

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your small dog safe and enclosed indoors or outdoors, you can now do for your fur babies, just what your parents did for you. Today I’m talking about small dog playpens!

The uses for small dog playpens are plenty, my neighbor uses her terrier’s playpen when they’re out in the garden to keep him from digging up the tulips that she’s just planted; and my childcare provider uses a Morkie Playpen to make sure her small dog can stay away from sticky fingers when she wants to. My Bichon Frisee has two small dog playpens, an indoor dog playpen and an outdoor dog playpen, that we use depending on where we are. Today, I’m going to talk about a few different types of small dog playpens and then I’ll make a few recommendation for what small dog playpens are favorites for my Bichon Frisé and I.

Indoor Small Dog Playpens

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Indoor or Interior Small Dog Playpens are, as the name suggests, playpens that should be used inside of your house. Indoor Small Dog playpens can be used for many reasons, whether it is to keep your furry friend out of trouble, or to keep your precious puppy safe from hazards like staircases and furniture, or to provide a stress free haven for your Canine Companion. Depending on your need you may prefer a gated small dog playpen.

Tespo makes a great Indoor Small Dog Playpen, using connecting panels. Because these panels are so easy to connect, you can create a play area as large or as small as you’d like, and who says your indoor playpen has to be a rectangle? Not Tespo, that’s for sure. You can make custom Shape small dog playpens limited only by your imagination. Triangle? you’re thinking too small. Trapezoid? that’s more like it. Parallelogram? why not. Rhombus? What even is a rhombus? You can take a picture of your rhombus shaped Tespo small dog playpen and let us know!

Theoretically you could even add walls to your Tespo Small Dog Playpen, to create room areas. Tespo doesn’t say that you can create a room sized maze for your small dog to play in, complete with hidden treats and maybe a tiny Minotaur costume, but I can personally vouch for the fact that nothing is stopping you from doing that either.

Outdoor Small Dog Playpens

Outdoor or exterior small dog playpens for the most part can still be used inside the home, but are tougher more durable small dog playpens that can be used outside in harsher weather conditions.

Any small dog lover will tell you that a dog needs a cave of some kind, a castle to call home when the little puppy prince or princess needs to rest their furry head on their paws and think about the events of the day. For some it a small dog’s kennel, for others its that luxury small dog bed, but if you’re more of the live life in the bush, all out adventurer, howl at the moon kind of doggie family then there’s nothing more special for your little Robinson Carushound than having a tent of their own. The small dog playpen above is the Parkland pet portable exercise playpen. Its durable, it folds up, and your small dog will have access to the same playpen they’re used to whether at home, or outside in the dog-eat-d0g world.

Much like above, ESK makes another soft sided, easy to fold and carry with you small dog playpen. The roof of many like this one zips off, leaving it more like a traditional small dog playpen than an enclosure, but my Bichon Frisé always gets really upset when we try and take the roof off of hers, which is quite similar to ESK’s model. When my small dog had surgery and wasn’t allowed to move around much, I zipped her in her playpen and placed it by my desk, allowing me to play safely with my dog after surgery.

Ruff and Rufus also has a nice small dog playpen option with the Ruff and Rufus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen. Like the others, this small dog playpen has a zip to remove convertible roof to allow your small dog to feel like a part of the gang. Ruff and Rufus’s small dog playpen has a zip to remove floor as well, so this small dog playpen truly can go from small dog carrying case to small dog play place in no time flat. Ruff and Rufus also throws in a small dog travel bowl so your pooch can have as much fun at the picnic as you do.

The IRIS 8-Panel Pet Playpen is a sturdy small dog playpen, one of many standard fenced enclosures. I like the IRIS model for small breed dogs because its little door is the right size for little paws, and it is big enough to let several small dogs play. My neighbor has one and the small dogs play safely together in the playpen while we get our Charades on.

Much like the Tespo Small Dog Playpen from above, Aleko’s ‘Heavy Duty Modular Playpen’ can be snapped together in whatever configuration you’d like. I like the idea of getting a couple of these and connecting them together in a straight line, you’d have a custom made fetch course. The materials are all heavy duty and it comes with a hard plastic roof, so you could create a covered walkway or an all-weather comfortable home outside of home for your small breed dog. Aleko also notes that it is good for chickens, so there’es that…

Best in Show

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There is so much variation in small dog playpens is so vast, from travel cases to treat mazes, from second homes to… chicken homes. That’s why you should choose your small dog playpen based on what best suits your small breed dog’s needs. That’s why I’ve decided to give the Best in Show award for the best small dog playpen to MY small dog’s favorite playpen.

What make’s Pet4Fun’s Playpen the best small breed dog playpen? Could it be the fun pink colour? Could it be the large variety of sizes that makes it the best playpen for dogs of all sizes? Could it be the that the Pet4Fun Playpen is a durable small dog playpen, that works outdoors or indoors? Could it be that the Pet4Fun Playpen’s has a removable roof and floor? Although, don’t you dare touch the roof or floor of my Bichon Frisé’s playpen they are find just as they are thank you very much. I guess why we’ll never know why Jasmine chose the Pet4Fun Playpen, the exact same and only Small Dog Playpen she’s had ever since she’s been a puppy, as her favorite Playpen.

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