How to Stop a Dog From Nipping When Excited

Nobody wants to be the owner of that dog that bites and nips people when company comes over. This type of nipping comes in many different forms, it can be on the ankles, bottom of jeans, the hand and so on.

When a dog becomes excited the nipping can turn into little bites and hurt or draw blood. This is something that as dog owners we want to stop before it ever gets to that stage.

Why Does My Dog Bite Me When Excited

Dogs always spend there extra energy in different ways. This could be in the form of running wild in the house, digging, chewing and biting! If your dog is only biting and nipping when getting excited then it’s time to stop it now.  My mom happens to own a very hyper and excited husky. When you show up the husky would run around and nip at your hands! My mother told me that this seemed to only happen when she got very excited.

Remember dogs don’t have hands that they can use to hold things. This means that they must use their mouths to hold stuff, just like how we use our hands. This is also known as mouthing and is when the dog is putting your clothes or body parts in there mouth. When dogs get excited they want to grab you like how humans grab people when they are excited just a bit different.

Dog Jumping and Biting Problems

Some dogs have a huge problem with excess jumping. A lot of people complain about when coming in the door the dog runs at you and starts jumping, for some children they get nipped or fall down. One time when over to my friends house when I was a kid they had a larger dog it nipped me. I thought it bite me and wanted to kill me, so I can only imagine how a small child would feel.

The people that owned the dog never did fix its behaviour problems and just said it was due to it loving the family. This is not how a dog should act in your home because if you ever had company over and they were to get bit… well that is just a huge headache to say the least!

How To Stop My Dog From Biting When Excited

To reduce and eventually prevent nipping and dog biting problems from happening you will need to learn some dog training. As a pet owner you should always take the time to learn how to train a dog to stop biting.

When your dog is really excited and responds in a negative way by biting and nipping you want to stay calm. Getting excited is only going to cause the dog to act up more which we are avoiding. Next wait it out until the dog sits on its own then reward time! After repeating this you should see some great progress.

If you are interested in doing a online dog training course I have a complete review of Brain Training for Dogs. I have completed this myself and have been training dogs since then and posting on my blog!

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