Top 10 Best Small Dog Toys

We all want the best for our little buddies, but with so many small breed toys out there, how do we know what toys are best for our fur babies and what will wind up neglected in their dog bed? What my bichon frisé, Sophie, and I have found is that the best way to find the toy that works for you is to ask others for small breed toy recommendations. Our friends, the groomer, strangers in the dog park, even our veterinarian recommended dog toys for us to try, and we tried as many of them as my low-budget checkbook could afford. So without further ado, I present my findings.

Top 10 Best Small Breed Dog Toys


#1: Lamb Chops Plush

I have to admit, this is Sophie’s favorite toy. I think it’s because it looks like her 🙂

When it comes to small dog toys, every small breed dog needs his or her trusted companion, the cuddly companion who guards the dog bed (or who gets dragged up into mine in the middle of the night), the little buddy your little buddy proudly shows off to visitors. For my small breed dog, Sophie, lamb chop is the one of her toys you do not mess with, she put that exactly where she wanted it. Plus for readers of a certain age, this will bring to mind Sherri Lewis’s Lamb Chop and the dreaded “Song that doesn’t end…”


#2 Squirrel Plush 

This toy for small breed dogs is perfect because it’s really 4 dog toys in one! Each of the squirrels is the perfect size to be carried around without any effort by a small sized dog. If your small-breed dog is anything like mine taking the squirrels out and putting them back into the fun plush log will be half the fun. Plus this toy tidy’s away neatly, because it is its own carrying case. Plus what dog doesn’t like to chase a…


#3 Flossy Chews Knotted Rope

One dog toy for every sized dog, no matter who you talk to is a good rope. Every dog has at least one rope. I think that flossy chews makes the best rope toy for small breed dogs out there. Not only do I get to have adorable tiny tug-of-wars with my dog, this is a toy that brushes my dog’s teeth. Yes, you read that right. This is a dog toy that brushes my dog’s teeth. This dog toy doubles as a cheap and easy way to fight gum disease in dogs, and can help avoid costly veterinarian bills. The one I got has a breath freshening strip too, so that helps stop doggie breath.


#4 Kong (Classic)


The classic Kong has been around for 42 years, which is 294 in dog years. Kong has earned its place on top of the dog toy market, and its name as one of the best small breed toy brands in the world. Whether your dog is small breed, large breed or somewhere in between breed chances are your dog has had a Kong. My small breed dog loves her Kong, and this won’t be the last time a Kong toy appears on this list. So don’t be surprised, I warned you.

Yes it goes on and on my friends. some people started singing it not knowing what it was…

#5 Chuckit! Tennis Balls (small)

Look, there’s a reason they become classics. The tennis ball is another of the best toys for small dogs that is an oldie but a goodie. Tennis balls with their natural bounce are the perfect dog toy for a game of fetch. I like Chuckit! balls because I was able to get them in the 2 inch size which makes them the perfect small breed dog toy, my Bichon FrisĂ© is able to comfortably hold them in her mouth unlike a larger tennis ball.

Tennis balls are great for fetch or for play, but you really shouldn’t leave your dog unattended with a tennis ball, which brings us to…

#6 Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

This small dog toy, which is another ball, but small breed dog can enjoy this one by him or herself for hours. You load it up with treats made for small breed dogs. I find the small circular ones, or cut up liver to work the best, and this small breed dog toy will slowly dispense the treats as your dog plays. The tricky treat ball is also great for intelligence training your small breed dog as they devise devious strategies to get access to the treats.

My bichon frisĂ© slowly learned to bring this toy to the top of the stairs and push it down, following along and snacking on the treats it leaves behind. That’s why this is also one of the best small breed dog toys for causing you to have to put a doggie gate at the top of your stairs (true story), but I can’t wait to see what Sophie thinks of next.

#7 UEETEK Squeaky Dog Toys for Small Dogs


This is another great value small dog toy. You get five toys all in one, and they are adorable. Sophie’s clear favorite is the carrot, but the strawberry has been getting some decent play time lately. These are the best small dog toys to make your friends and family go “awwww” as their grand dog approaches them with a smiling banana.

But they’ll continue singing it forever just because this…


#8 Kong (Bone Shaped)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Kong makes its triumphant return here this time in the bone shape. This is a tough and durable small breed dog toy, and it is also a treat dispensing dog toy, like its parent the original kong, but my small breed dog finds the shape much easier to carry in hear mouth. That’s why I’d recommend the bone shaped kong as the best kong for small breed dogs.

Okay that’s all the Kong products we’ll feature on this list, I promise

#9 Just a regular stuffed bear

This is just a regular everyday teddy bear that is the perfect sized toy for a small breed dog. It does seem extra fluffy though, and more durable than you’d expect in any old teddy bear. Its almost like this is an extra durable small dog toy, made by a one of the most reliable dog toy manufacturers in the world.

Okay you got me, this cuddly little buddy is the Kong Teddy Bear and one of the best small dog toys around, not to mention durable and machine washable!! Kong products here take up about thirty percent of my list of the top ten best small breed dog toys, just like they do shelf space at your local grocery store.


#10 Fun Skin Stuffless Dog Squeak Toy

Rounding out the number 10 spot on our list of best small breed dog toys is the fun skin stuffless dog squeak toy. This one is for you if you are reading this list in desperation, looking for something, anything that will satisfy the determined chewing teeth of your small breed dog. If you laughed at the idea of adorable stuffed veggies lasting an afternoon with your dog, knowing that after fifteen minutes it would be a pile of burst seams and stuffing strewn across your living room, this toy is for you.

While I am now blessed with a princess of a small dog, I too once had a determined chewer, and fun skin are the best small dog toys around to defeat the determined chewer. It squeaks it is soft and cuddly, your small dog can carry it around, but when those destructive urges rear their ugly heads, the fun skin is the only small dog toy that won’t make a mess. If you’re worried about the squeaker, you can do what I do and order them in bulk and just sew the replacement in as soon as the old one goes.

Is the song that doesn’t end, yes it goes on and on my friend…

What are your small breed dogs favorite toys? Let us know. And you’re welcome for getting that song stuck in your head 🙂

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