Top Ten Best Small Dog Collars

Top Ten Best Small Dog Collars

What is there to say about dog collars? If you’ve seen one then you’ve seen them all, right? Well for me and my small dog, Jasmine, it’s not so much what we say about a collar, its what the collar says about us. A dog’s collar is a powerful statement of his or her identity, and it turns out there are as many collars in as many varieties as there are small dogs.

Small dog collars vary in style and material, some have added functions while others have fun patterns. Your small dog’s collar is much more than a place to attach identification, its your small dog’s way of telling the world what he or she is all about. With that said, I’ve spoken with friends, family members, my small dog pet professionals and our readers to find out your favorite small dog collars. Here are some of my favorites.

Petween Basic Classic Padded Leather Small Dog Collars

Leather is a classic material for dog collars, although it is getting harder to find in favor of nylon. Leather dog collars may have been in use since ancient Greece. Ancient Grecian farmers created leather collars studded with spikes so that wolves couldn’t attack the dog’s throats. My bichon friseé, Jasmine, once was frightened by a tiny turtle on a boardwalk and had to be carried for the rest of the walk.

Petween’s small dog collar also comes in a variety of colours, and each looks very stylish. In the end with a Petween leather small dog collar, you can feel confident knowing that you’re partipating in a tradition that runs all the way from wolf shield to turtle coward decoration.

Blueberry Pet Classic Dog Collar

Nylon is the other most common small dog collar material. Blueberry makes an adorable and simple one for small dogs. This is the other kind of plain jane entry on our list, and I think its beautiful. All dogs are so beautiful, you can just let them speak for themselves. Why distract the eye with a flashy collar, when plain understated lines will do just fine.

Red Dingo Classic Dog Collar

Red Dingo’s and Blueberry really didn’t spend much time in the name development labs, but Red Dingo makes up for it in buckle innovation. Every small dog collar has to have some way to attach to itself, whether its a buckle, or more of a watch strap type of fastener. Red Dingo has taken something everyone needs and no one things about and turned it into a highlight for the collar.
Aside from the bone shaped fastener, this is another pretty standard nylon small dog collar, its right there in the name. Classic Dog Collar.


Sassy Dog Wear Reflective Collar

Not all small dog collars are simple fashion statements, like some small dog some small dog collars have important jobs. Reflective small dog collars serve the same function that reflective vests worn by crossing guards, road workers, and your floor emergency officer during a fire drill serve. They reflect the headlights of oncoming cars and keep you and your small dog safe.
It is a misconception that reflective small dog collars are only helpful at night. Even during the day a reflective collar or vest can catch the eye of a distracted motorist, that’s why those road workers are wearing them during the day. When it comes to safety, there’s no beating a reflective collar.

3M Nylon Reflective Collar

3M is a massive, massive corporation ranking 97th on the fortune 500. So if you’re going to buy a reflective small dog collar, why not buy it from the people who make all of the reflective gear you see in professional settings?
If you walk in high traffic areas, or places where cars are driving fast, or really anywhere I cannot recommend enough that you take some step to make sure that your small dog collar is visible. Some people attach a little battery powered light, some people choose a reflective collar, and for that there is no beating 3M.

BSEEN LED Dog Collar

Still another way to make sure that your small dog is visible to cars on their nighttime walks is the BSEEN LED Dog Collar. This is an innovative dog collar that charges like your phone through USB, and then glows with a beautiful light when powered on. This light-up collar will definitely attract the most attention at night, and stands out even during the day.
I’d think that I’d have a hard time remembering to recharge this collar at night, but a friend of mine assures me, unsnapping his small dog’s collar and plugging it in a night when he plugs in his cell phone quickly became a routine, and giving your small dog some time without the collar when you are inside is good for thier fur.

Petshome Premium Camo Dog Collar

And now from a collar that wants to stand out to a collar that wants to blend in. Is your small dog on a secret mission to invade a florist? Maybe this small strip of fabric designed to blend in will help out. Of course a camo collar isn’t really a practical way to blend in, it is really a way for your small dog to express themself.
Like tweed, herrinngbone, and the almighty plaid camo has become a fabric pattern in its own right and some small dogs just can’t get enough of the stuff. Get your small dog a camo small dog collar, and before long your chiuahua will be saying, Me Amo Camo.

Aluminum Alloy Buckle Bite Resistant Small Dog Collar

If you’re not yet a small dog owner, you may be wondering why a collar would need to be bite resistant, after all a dog cannot reach a collar that he’s wearing. Of course any small dog owner knows that grabbing at each other’s collars is how many small dogs play. Add to that fact that you’re going to want to regularly remove your small dog’s collar regularly and your small dog will not understand why the collar that is their 90% of the time does not now become a toy. Add all of this together and it is important to have a durable small dog collar if you want it to last.

That’s why this small dog collar is fantastic, every part of it from the thick nylon band to the buckle is designed to last. Also just like the fun retro floral pattern we have pictured above there are a bunch of funky throwback pattern options to choose from on Amazon.

RC Pets Adjustable Small Dog Collar

My best friend has a small dog, pomeranian corgi mix, that looks exactly like a little fox. It is adorable, and the only thing that might make little Luna look even more adorable would be wearing this collar, which basically amounts to wearing her face on her collar.
Its funny that people say that some small dog breeds look like foxes, even though they are much more likely to run into a small breed dog in their day to day life. Foxes have had it too easy for too long, it’s time to start saying that fox looks like a pom corgi I know. Maybe at the zoo the sign could read, foxes: the Shiba Inu of the wild. I’m just spitballing here.

Best in Show

Amsterdam Eco Friend Van Gogh Dog Collar

I don’t know much or really anything about fine art but I do know that Van Gogh is my favorite painter. I have two prints of The Starry Night at my house, one regular and one featuring an exploding TARDIS. I’ve visited the MoMa to see The Starry Night in Person, and it brings me no small amount of joy ever time I see those iconic stars on my small dog, Jasmine’s, collar.
Some small dogs have comic book or cartoon characters, on their collars others have inspirational quotes. Personally I think there’s no better conversation starter than wearing your interested on your sleeve, and when I go out wearing a t-shirt with a quote from my favorite tv show on it, I like the Jasmine as always is repping my classier side.

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