Top Ten Best Small Dog Sweaters

Top Ten Best Small Dog Sweaters

Who doesn’t love sweater weather? Long evenings by a roaring fire, snuggled in a soft and cozy small dog bed with a favorite small dog toy. What did you think I was talking about you? Of course not, small breed dogs can enjoy sweater weather just as much as you can, and they can be pretty stylish too!

Technically a small dog sweater

As usual I’ve spoken with friends, family, my small dog pet professionals, and you the reader for some suggestions about your favorite dog sweaters. You can read about my findings right below this.

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater

Our fur-st small dog model coming down the runway at today’s event is modelling the Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater. This traditional look by Chilly Dog is so hot right now it chases the cat right off the catwalk. The classic stripes around the neck and waist add a level of ivy league style that proclaims, “I poop on the quad.”
Chilly Dog’s Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater comes with the added benefit of confusing nomenclature. Is this small dog sweater for your dog’s boyfriend, or your boyfriend’s dog? Try it out and let us know in the comments.

Gooby Everyday Fleece

Next coming down the runway our sec-hound model is proudly displaying the Gooby everyday fleece. This autumn look is perfect for any day outdoors with your small dog friend. Whether they’re fetching apples at an orchard, kicking back and enjoying all the interesting smells of a hayride or jumping into giant piles of leaves, this fall fashion will be sure to keep your small dog friend warm snuggly and looking sharp.

Gooby also wins the award for the most ridiculously named small dog sweater on the list. I don’t really have a joke to put here. Most of you should still be laughing because its named Gooby.

Blueberry Pet Wool Blend or Acrylic Classic Cable Knit Sweater

Our t-herd small dog model today is modelling the absolutely stunning classic cable knit small dog sweater. Seriously this sweater is beautiful, I will confess and let you know that my bichon frisée, Jasmine, has a similar sweater that we ordered custom from a local at a farmer’s market and we receive compliments every time she goes out in it.

Blueberry pet’s cable knit sweater comes in 20 colours so whether your little small dog model is an autumn, spring, summer, winter or even a Miranda they’ll have a small dog sweater in their colour.

Chborless Pet Dog Classic Knitwear Sweater

Ladies and gentlemen we proudly introduce our fur-th small dog model modelling the Chborless pet dog classic knitwear sweater. Chborless makes the qunitessential small dog sweater look easy, with this inspired offering. Protecting your small breed dog from the elements never was so stylish with this timeless look.

Why does Chborless get a pass for their name when I was so harsh on Gooby? Maybe because I think we could all stand to Chbor a little less.

Scheppend Adidog Pet Clothes

Next up we’re talking about the Scheppend Adidog Pet Clothes, where did the dog pun go this time you ask? It went onto this delightful small dog sweater. It should come as no surprise to you by now that I love puns, so I’m a sucker for the Adidog logo that this small dog sweater is sporting.

If you’re going to bundle up your small breed dog for a little pawrobics, these small breed workout clothes are perfect. This small dog sweater is also a perfect conversation starter at the dog park for all the small dog wingpeople out there. In short, or small, as long as you have an alternate small dog sweater for those really really cold days, the Scheppend Adidog Pet Clothes are Punderful.

Zack N’ Zooey Basic Hoodie for Dogs

Going from the gym to the, well staying at the gym our next look is workout chique. This small dog look is featured during the training montage of every movie, and is guaranteed to make your small dog look like a before picture.

Zack, Zooey we all get it, you need something warm, comfy and reliable that a small dog can just throw on without getting all dolled up, but this is the small dog sweater fashion show. I’m sorry Zack N’ Zooey Basic Hoodie for Dogs y0u really are basic.

Kuoser Dog Coats

Where would any small dog sweater fashion show be without the basic black and the classic tartan? These two formal looks are perfect for any winter small dog activities, from walks around the block to taking christmas card photos. Kuoser’s dog coats are waterproof and warmly padded, which makes it practical and perfect for dealing with snow and slush.

This kind of very warm and waterproof small dog sweater is vital where I live in the winter especially for small breed dogs. Some people will tell you that a dog already has a fur coat and there is no need for a small dog sweater or jacket. Do not listen to those people. They also have back hair, it also does not prepare them for the Canadian winter.

Norbi Warm Puppy Sweater Knitwear

The warm puppy line presented by Norbi is being modelled by two very stylish small dog toys. This is another very warm small dog sweater options, although its not quite as waterproof as Kuoser’s offering.

A very real concern of mine, going to an off-leash dog park in the winter with my Bichon Frisé, is that she would disappear against the snow. This vibrant small dog sweater make it look like Jasmine has been highlighted, it’s actually pretty amazing.

PAWZ Road Dog Plaid Hoodie

Finally we have the road plaid hoodie small dog sweater by PAWZ. Plaid, its the star of every fashion show, I assume. Nothing can beat plaid, it’s impossible, plaid is as ubiquitous in the high fashion world as it is at the Oscars,I assume. Could it be that I’ve never seen a real fashion show and I never really left my grunge phase? Don’t be ridiculous. Just admit that the Road Dog plaid hoodie is the height of small dog fashion and move on.

Best in Show

Ranphy Dog Winter Fleece Coat Cold Weather Jacket

Why did the Ranphy Dog Winter Fleece Coat Cold Weather Jacket win best in show at the small dog sweater fashion show? Is it because it’s ultra warm to snuggle your small dog up for those cold days? Is it because the extra padding not only keeps the jacket warm, but also greatly adds to the cuteness factor?

No its because the small dog model who I am calling petting-Zoolander is definitely giving us the Blue Steel! What a good dog, yes you are, yes you are. Good job little buddy, and good luck turning left.

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